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Strolling Magic


Will you be having a cocktail hour or other situation where your guests will be mingling together or worse, seated at tables with people they may not know before the main event begins?  This kind of thing can kill the best events before they even start.  Just like magic. 

Guests who don't know each other or are not comfortable can struggle with small talk while they wonder when the actual event is going to start. Let's face it... many people experience anxiety at the mere thought of trying to talk to people they don't know well. Try adding some magic to everyone's evening!  Enter St Louis corporate magician Joshua Weidner!     

Joshua will weave in and out of the groups performing close up miracles inches from the faces of your friends, family, and coworkers. He will amaze and amuse your guests with uproarious comedy, fresh mind reading, and classic magic.  

This will help break the ice and give them something to talk about, uniting the group in ways the standard small talk simply cannot.  His combination of sleight of hand and comedy will turn your group of awkward wall flowers into laughing, engaged party goers and kick the party off with a great start!

To find out how to get Joshua Weidner to work his magic for your next party, contact us right away!  


I loved EVERYTHING! Especially the thing with the cards!

St Louis Corporate Magician Joshua Weidner Strolling Magic

St Louis Corporate Magician Joshua Weidner's show:

Check out the video below for a short sample of the kind of magic you might see at your cocktail hour:

St Louis Corporate Magician Joshua Weidner

"I haven't seen a show this good since I was at Disney!"

After Dinner Comedy Magic Show


If your event requires featured entertainment, Joshua Weidner’s Comedy Magic Show is exactly what you need. Joshua will present a fun, interactive magic and comedy show like you would see in a comedy club.

So what will your guests see?

In his corporate magic and comedy show, Joshua Weidner pulls thoughts from your guests' minds, predicts the outcome of future events, and escapes from the most ridiculous situation imaginable!  Joshua's magic is smart, clean, and hilarious!  The show, featuring magic, comedy, and lots of audience participation will be the perfect ending to your perfect evening.

St Louis Corporate Magician Joshua Weidner's show:

Check out the video below for a short sample of the kind of magic you might see at your banquet:

What you get when you and Joshua Weidner work together:

Mind Blowing Magic: 

Joshua’s magic and illusion are top notch.  He will leave your audience stunned and talking about your event for days, if not weeks, to come!

Side-Splitting Comedy:

While many magicians take themselves seriously, Joshua invites the audience to laugh with him, making sure that your guests have a great time.


Joshua has been performing magic for over 2 decades and has been performing professionally for the better part of the last one.  He has performed in every kind of venue imaginable, from comedy clubs to banquet rooms to theaters.  No matter what conditions are thrown at him, your guests will receive the polished, professional show they deserve.

No Hassle:

Why spend your valuable time dealing with difficult entertainers and technical requirements?  Joshua brings, sets up, and breaks down his own equipment.  He also promptly returns e-mails and telephone communications.  This booking will be the easiest one you’ve ever dealt with, allowing you the time and peace of mind to sit back, relax, and enjoy your event without having to worry about the entertainment.

To check Joshua's availability for your next corporate event, contact us right away!

This guy should be on America's Got Talent!


Ambit Energy

We were pleased to have Joshua Weidner as our entertainer for our Holiday party!

He showed up early (to ensure everything worked correctly), and engaged the employees with some one-on-one tricks.   His performance was very entertaining, with just the right amount of jokes, magic and employee involvement.  We’ve had other performers over the years, however, I cannot recall a single other time, that ALL the employees stayed put and were in awe.

I highly recommend Joshua for any group event.  He made HR shine that day!


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You were amazing! I am still wondering how you were able to do the illusions/ magic you performed for my guests!

You were clear about sending me your contract, punctual about arrival time and you showed up precisely on time. You were dressed professionally and you mingled with my guests perfectly. Clearly exceeding my expectations.

I was very happy to have you in my home and my guests talked about your show all evening. Thanks again for making my staff/ family party such an amazing success!


Wells Fargo

Joshua Weidner Magic Review

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